Hashtag stories to battle against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the walls of businesses. Companies are figuring out strategies, battling with the virus to sustain their business in the market. With the outbreak of COVID-19, companies are wandering around to figure out ways in thresholding their position in the market. Moreover, the consumer search behaviour has changed as other than information on COVID-19 they want to know more about the health and wellness sector, emergency services, work from home tactics and DIYs.

This global crisis has majorly hit small businesses due to limited budget and lack of cash reserves. This can be a bit challenging to survive. Social media marketing can be a smart move, especially for small businesses to get the brand noticed and build relationships with people quickly.

With the emergence of COVID-19, Facebook and Instagram saw a 40% increase in usage as users tuned into live events, shared updates and supported one another with memes and content.

Instagram and Facebook Live views are rapidly increasing two times every week in this pandemic.

People First Marketing, a well-versed social media marketing agency, has the top 5 practical tips that your startup business can incorporate and give the cut-throat competition for various enterprises:

1. Support towards other businesses

Posting #supportsmallbusiness hashtags a new feature on Instagram. Posting these stickers as an Instagram story by merely mentioning the businesses you follow will show how much supportive, empathetic and alert your business is towards other companies in the global crises, COVID-19.

2. Shop online versus in-store

Promote your brand by posting products at discounted prices and offers, conveying the message to your audience that we are together in this pandemic. You can take the help of innovative and motivational posts and hashtags. This strategy can sustain your loyal clients and also encourage other people to follow your page.

Chipotle, a restaurant chain decided to offer free delivery services along with it going live for lunchtime concerts with musicians like Luke Bryan.

3. Educate and entertain through IGTV

Depressed in isolation, people are looking out for ways of entertainment and education. Hence, in such a scenario, you can conduct fun games/events online or a Q&A session live. Later on, post it as a story which will stay for 24 hours and also upload it on IGTV. For instance, nail polish brand Olive & June hosted live boot camps in which they shared manicure tips.

4. Engage with your target audience

Use interactive stickers like polling and Q&As to engage with the audience in finding out what your audience wants from business. Use the new Instagram “Stay Home” stickers on stories to encourage your followers to stay home. With the stickers, you can post recipes, work-out regimes, etc. Orea, a cookie company, is using creative stickers to encourage their audience to stay home using video chats.

5. Keep your customers well-informed.

Ensure to post your website URL in your business bio on Instagram. This will be an excellent place to let your clients know about your working hours, delivery services and precautions your business is taking during Coronavirus.

Florist Flower Bodega, a floral art studio appreciated all the messages they received in their direct messages via a post in Feed and shared their answers through FAQs related to supporting people during social distancing.


We know that the pandemic is going to end, don’t know when but what we know is that taking specific measures for the benefit of the audience will win their hearts. Ultimately, it is about leading our small businesses to achieve larger scales with time. As what we count now will definitely have an impression in the minds of people.

People First Marketing, a preferred social media marketing agency in the UK, offers services with the changing trend in the market. We would be delighted if you can join hands with us so that we can assist you with our client-oriented strategies that will help you to thrive your business in COVID-19 pandemic.

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