How to handle PPC campaigns during Covid-19?

With the emergency situation worldwide due to the hit of a pandemic, Covid-19 business economy is trembling. If we draw our attention towards the advertising domain then it is also suffering, but let’s understand how to change with these rapidly changing trends. PPC Management Company has an immense role to play to sustain the reputation of businesses.

Here are the 4 tips to help you manage your PPC campaigns during this epidemic:

1) Business value proposition and messaging

With the tremendous hit of Coronavirus, the search result for people is changing towards the agendas of the pandemic. Many businesses can promote different products or services which have more demand in this pandemic environment, resulting in increase in their rankings.

Social distancing, work from home, essential items and medical services and schooling at home are some of the significant areas wherein businesses can focus on the temporary basis to increase their ranking potential.

Determine messaging whether it is a good fit in this changing scenario like messaging people about your company’s response towards the virus, displaying sensitive images with people in group, add curbside pickup details. Sitelinks and call-outs are the ad extensions that can be used to convey information.

2) Budget and expenditure

During this national emergency, businesses will have to shift their budgets towards those products or services that have more relevance. They will need to study the review budget v/s expenditure and apply to the campaigns wherein it is required.

Google’s Smart Bidding feature offers an automated bidding feature. To meet the advertises’ goals platforms like Google automatically adjust CBC bids.

3) Search behavior

With the motto of social-distancing world-wide, people are researching and buying online and avoiding to visit markets. Services that can be delivered virtually shall be the most beneficial one.

Businesses can communicate benefits like curbside pick-up, free delivery, porch drop-off etc. to the customers by using ad extensions.

Consider keywords like job/unemployment, vaccines, home schooling, or any related consumer searches if you are B2B. And avoid Covid-19 related keywords like pandemic, epidemic, death, corona, coronavirus etc.

4) Medium of communication

Social distancing has encouraged people to stay at home. Staying at home diverts them to consume more content from news and videos with the help of online communication tools.

There has been a 50% increase in messaging, reported by Facebook. Voice and video calling have doubled on WhatsApp and Messenger. Many people who had abandoned Facebook due to privacy issues have returned to Facebook.

It’s an opportunity for advertisers as the revenue for digital ad platforms has declined which means advertisers have less competition and increase in market share in their prescribed budgets.

The advantage to reach more people through PPC and paid social ads is now developing and here comes the significant role of a PPC agency.

Opportunities that are worth exploring now as people are consuming more content:

  • Display ad expansion on the Microsoft Audience Network and Google Display Network.
  • YouTube ad placement option.
  • Pinterest for consumers discovering products for purchase.
  • Twitter should be careful with the negative remarks on the platform as that can affect brand reputation.

Are you yet baffled in coping up with your marketing tactics in these crises?

Keep your worries aside as People First Marketing, a PPC Management Company situated in London will guide you with the strategies that can be incorporated for your PPC campaigns. Connect with us today!

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