5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Achieve Maximum ROI

Social media marketing can be a driving force to boost your brand by building quality leads and driving sales. All you need to do is strategically create, implement and measure the overall plan.Since social media is a stable area of digital marketing for business of all shapes and audiences, you need to stay updated with all the latest developments to survive in this ever-shifting landscape. Rely on a professional social media agency in London to meet your digital marketing needs!

After all this practical advice, it’s time to master the art of social media marketing. We help with a few tips to get started with the launching, running and optimising your social media campaigns.

Tip #1: Use ‘Call’ buttons in your Facebook ads

Ditch the landing page for a Facebook ‘call’ button. Probably, you will be losing all your potential audience (forever!) if your loading time exceeds your audience’s patience. Adding a simple call button will directly take the visitor to your page without bothering them.

Tip #2: Create your campaigns on life events

The thumb rule of social media marketing is to target the right people at the right time. This makes your campaign relatable and incredibly effective. We all know what ‘Life Events’ look like on Facebook.

Create something creative and exciting around life events like your ex-bf getting married, first experience of being an aunt, your dream job, #BFF stories, etc.

Reflect on all stuff that makes you feel happy and can be used as the basis of a marketing campaign. Weave your story on people’s lives to create timely and genuine advertising targeting people during periods of significant changes.

You can leverage the power of these life events and place your ads accordingly.

Tip #3: Give your visitors a cohesive visual experience

Your website’s look can make or break your target audience. You can change the way consumers view the web in general by creating an aesthetically pleasing landing page and placing your ads accordingly to generate lead and revenue.

Develop winning landing pages with unique headlines that justifies your unique selling proposition (USP), hero shots of all your products and services, bullet points highlighting the benefits and appealing CTAs (call to actions) that force your user to plunge in and get started.

All your ads should be well-designed and suit the appearance and messaging of your website from beginning to the end. A reliable social media agency in London will be able to help you with these nuances.

Tip #4: Attract more and more influencers

You have to woo influencers to promote your products and services on various social media platforms to draw attention. This is a powerful way to drive high ROI and gain trust.

The idea behind this is simple! Humans trust humans and bringing an effective influencer on board can generate noteworthy returns.

People learn about new products through social media. About 76% of Gen-Z follows an influencer on social media and 52% of them trust social media influencer for product or brand advice. Keep this mind and team up with a successful follower that belongs to your niche and come up with a campaign that makes a lasting impact on your audience.

Tip #5: Build actionable hashtags

Along with helping users to find relevant content, hashtags can be used to build a community of loyal fans. You can also use the same hashtag across various social media platforms. This will help you to cross-pollinate your brand message through different social campaigns.

Global footwear brand, Nike has been using this technique wherein they did well with their #ChooseYourWinter hashtag featuring ‘Nike hyperwarm base layer’ for athletes.

The result: The campaign became extraordinarily popular and garnered wide social sharing.

Later, they started with another movement with their #runfree hashtags.

People First Marketing is a leading social media agency in London. We are a team of skilled social media marketers who have spent years in the industry and have helped thousands of business owners take their business to the top through our end-to-end solutions. Get in touch with us today!

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